Double Glazed Units

We have been manufacturing high quality double glazed units at West Coast Glass For over 20 years using the best components. All our staff are dedicated and committed to the manufacture and supply of quality products with many years of combined knowledge and experience.

We now provide a service for encapsulating your own leaded lights inside double glazed units, preserving the style and character of your home, whilst giving you all the benefits of modern double glazing.

All our double glazed units are covered by a warranty subject to glazing and maintenance being carried out in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

• Double glazed units for safety and security applications

• Double glazed units for sound proofing applications

• Diamond and rectangular leaded double glazed units

• Double glazed units with white or woodgrain Georgian bar infills

• Shaped double glazed units

• Stepped double glazed units

• Encapsulated double glazed units - (repair, resizing, cleaning of genuine leaded lights before encapsulation)